Merry & Happy

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Did you all have a Merry Christmas? This was our 1st year with our new grandson, and what a joy he brought to our weekend.

We started on Friday, both Steve & I had the day off. The day was warmer than a typical December day, so we took the morning slow and easy, sipping coffee by the fireside. A very relaxing start to my 2 weeks off from school.

By noon, my DIL came over to bake some Christmas goodies.  We didn't go overboard this year, just enough treats to get us through the family gatherings for the weekend.

It was a too warm for December kind of day, so Steve headed off for a bike ride to get in his final miles for 2017, as the weather was predicting frigid temps coming in on Saturday or Sunday. He put in over 3500 miles this year! I so need his drive & determination to stay in shape.

Saturday I spent the morning baking cookies for Santa so Lukie had some special cookies for him. I have it on good authority that Santa only likes my chocolate chip cookies, so I had to make them, of course! Steve took off early as well to do his Christmas shopping - hey, he was a day earlier than every other year! He came home about mid morning and helped me make up the ham & cheese sliders for our family gathering that night. We get together with my sisters and their families every year and it brings such joy to my heart. We emerged on Chad & Melissa's this year for our dinner and festivities, with way more food than should be legal. We had drawn names, so after eating, we exchanged gifts and then played a game. Steve had wrapped up several prizes in a ball of cellophane wrap, some of which I didn't know as he decided it was going to be a "white elephant" kind of ball. It made it more fun for me as well, not knowing what he had hidden within the layers. All I knew was there was candy and the final prize was a ten dollar bill! Our nephew was the lucky recipient of that!

Lucas brought a new twist on the party, crawling all over and trying to join in and capture whatever fell out of the wrapping. Next year, there will be another little one moving around as well, as our youngest nephew and his wife are expecting this May!

Being that Christmas Eve fell on Sunday this year, our normal Christmas Eve service was going to be combined with our morning service, making it extra special. I had gone to rehearsal on Thursday night and was truly looking forward to the music we were singing this year. I even had a small solo in one of the numbers - something that is WAY out of my comfort zone. 

On Saturday night, after we got home from our family gathering, I really started feeling bad. I went to bed fairly early, but had a very rough night sleeping. When I woke up Sunday morning, I knew I was running a low grade fever and the abdominal cramping was worse. I took a shower in hopes that if I got up and moving, it would subside. When it didn't seem like it was going to, I told Steve that he would probably be taking me to urgent care after church and filled him in on how I was feeling. I finished getting ready for church, but as we pulled out of the driveway, he could see in my eyes the pain I was in and suggested I go back in & change clothes so that we could go straight to urgent care.  

So I did and off we went. Just as I had expected, I was having a flair up of my diverticulosis and the doctor agreed whole heartedly. He ran blood tests and a urine test to confirm, but didn't feel the need to run any extensive tests as he stated, "if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it probably is a duck", feeling very confident in what I was feeling and what he was finding with his examination. I am in the middle of my 10 day round of antibiotics and it is kicking my tail. I have very little energy, am nauseous from the meds and am now developing a rather uncomfortable side effect from one of the drugs - so guess who's calling the doctor in the morning? 

Christmas Eve we had dinner with the kids and little Lukie, but we were home early as I still was not feeling up to par. We spent the evening watching "A Christmas Story", a yearly tradition that everyone else moans about, but I must do! 

We awoke on Christmas morning to a blanket of white, newly fallen snow. It was magical! It had started snowing on Christmas Eve while I was in urgent care and it did not stop until late Christmas night. We probably got around 6 or so inches? I may be way off, but it was absolutely beautiful and made the day so bright!

The kids came home around 11ish, we enjoyed a quick brunch fixed by Steve and then opened presents together. It was a quiet morning, even more so because our other kids were spending the holiday in Minnesota with her family.  Poor little Lucas was tired and "Christmased" out by 1pm, so they headed home for him to get a good nap in before they had Christmas with his mama's family. 

Oh how I remember the days of dragging the kids from family to family and they would be beyond exhausted by the evening's end. It was so hard to enjoy their new toys and such when they were so overwhelmed. Steve & I agree that it's a holiday to celebrate for the kids and we will work our schedule around their needs, not ours.

Poppa Santa bought a shiny, new saucer for the little man!

Poppa Santa bought a shiny, new saucer for the little man!

So here we are wrapping up another year. Has this been a year of growth, a year of joy, a year of change, a year of meaning to you?

I'll be back in the next couple of days with my reflection of this past year and my thoughts and goals for the coming.

In the mean time, love your family, hold them close and know that this whole season is truly a gift from above!!


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