Santa Has Left the Building

Santa has come and gone - he has left the building and headed back to the North Pole to check on progress being made by all his busy elves!

Lucas 2.jpg

We had such a fun morning with all the little kiddo’s who came to see Santa last week. It was such a laid back time for everyone. The kid’s all had plenty of one on one time with Santa, and were certainly sugared up by the time they left after sharing a giant sugar cookie with Santa!

Hinga 2.jpg

We spent most of Friday night building and prepping the studio space and I certainly couldn’t have done any of it without the help of my very own super elf! He put together my backdrop the weekend before and spent many hours cleaning and sweeping and hanging and positioning everything for me in just the right spot!

Santa showed up on Saturday morning ready and waiting for the kids to arrive. He told me lots of secrets and shared lots of fun stories from Christmas’ past while we waited.

Soon the children came, one by one, along with mom & dad or grandma & grandpa in tow. They were able to take their time and really share some special moments with the man in the red velvet suit.

Lucas 8.jpg

Sharing smiles……..

Hinga 10.jpg

………and secrets………

Stohrer 3.jpg

……Christmas letters………

Stohrer 5.jpg

….and great big laughs!

Many memories were made that morning, especially for me!

And I have one secret to share………Santa’s favorite cookie?

Ginger Snaps!