I used to be so adamant and focused and determined to "find that one little word" to carry me through a new year. Not so much anymore. 

Now, I let it find me. If there is to be "a word", let it speak to my mind, to my heart, to my very core. This year is not an exception. I have thought about it, let it go and finally thought, no big deal - I really don't need a word to define my year or for that matter, me. 

I resolved yesterday that this would be a year without that word, until I went to church. The pastor finished his sermon with the thought of moving forward. And there it was....the word.


I spent a lot of time last week on the couch. Not by choice, but due to my illness and drug reaction. So, I spent a lot of time reading and taking notes. 


I'm moving forward in my thoughts, my processes, my business and my life. I can only learn from the past, I can't change it. 

I'm taking careful notes, I'm writing down my thoughts, I'm reviewing what didn't work and what did. I'm learning from the past and moving forward in my future.

I'm learning more and more that I need to be more deliberate in all that I do, especially where my photography and business is concerned.  I really am trying to make this work, and make it a more full time part of my life.

So changes will come this year, as they always do. But with more thought, more determination and more acceptance of it all. I look back at a blog post from a year ago, and my heart was very heavy at this time last year. It was a rough ending to the year, so the beginning of 2017 started out rising from all that had gone on in the final months of 2016.

This year as well, will start out with rising up and moving forward. Each day will begin by moving forward and learning from the past and letting the past go. 

I have ideas for my photography that will have me reaching out more to you, I will need models, I will need to step out of my comfort zone and approach neighbors and businesses for the use of their properties for photo sessions, I will reach out more to attract people to my business and the work I create. I will accept my work, and not fall into the trap of comparison, and know that my work is good. It may not be suited to everyone's taste, but it is good, and it is right for someone.

God has granted me with a creative mind, a mind to express and use and share through my photography and writing. I will move forward this year and embrace this more and accept this. I will work harder to not doubt myself, but to know that I am ever changing, and so is my work, as long as I put forth the time and effort to continue to nourish all that God has given me and created me to be.

I have a verse on my business cards, and it is written on the very 1st page of my new planner for 2018.  May I remember this, hold it close to my heart, always have it on the tip of my tongue and may I live it out loud throughout this coming year.

"Celebrate God all day, every day!"  Philippians 4:4

So moving forward, you will see more blog posts, about my business, about my clients, about my life and of course, about our Little G-man.

Thank you for continuing this journey with me or starting this journey with me. 

I know that I am blessed.

Happy New Year.