I've Got A Secret....

I had a meeting this morning with a very special someone.  He only comes around once a year, but today, we met for coffee. To say I was and am excited about our meeting and the outcome, is an understatement. 

You see, I've known this jolly old fellow since I was a little girl. I have vivid memories of him sitting in a big chair in the window of Gilmore's Department Store every Christmas. The anticipation of getting to sit on his lap and tell him of all my wishes was so hard to hold in, especially when standing amongst all the other little girls and boys waiting in line in the toy department.

He always managed to fulfill my wishes on Christmas morning too. The baby dolls, the pink Barbie Jeep and my Dancerina Doll, that I still have to this day, all hold special memories in my heart and mind. 

So imagine my excitement when a few days ago, he reached out to me! He happens to be in Michigan taking a little bit of a vacation before the busy season starts up again. You know there are barely 5 months left until Christmas.

We met up at a local coffee shop this morning and talked for a few hours. We reminisced and we got caught up and we shared about the joy we both find in the spirit of Christmas. And we have some exciting news to share...............very soon.

santa add.jpg